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2006 R44 Raven 2

For sale is a December of 2006 R44 Raven 2 with 1,550 total time since new. No damage history.

Included in the sale:

Air Conditioning

Bladder tanks

7 hole VFR panel

Garmin 430

Garmin 400 pilot side mounted

NAT Audio Controller

Garmin GTX 330 digital transponder

2nd radio

Sun visor shades

Wired for Bose headsets

Seat covers

12 year is due in December of 2018.

Main rotor blades replaced with new in October of 2014 new and only have 456 hours total time since new!

Tail rotor blades replaced November 2016 new with only 130 hours total time since new!

Located in Missouri. Last annual was completed April 2017. Digital copies of the logbooks are available.

Call Jimmy at 865-719-6478 or email JimGMC@hotmail.com

1988 R22 Beta

For sale is a 1988 R22 Beta IFR trainer with 133.8 hours remaining. This helicopter was overhauled November of 2013. This aircraft has 12,635 hours total time since new.

Included in the sale:
10 instrument panel
attitude indicator
turn bank
apollo GPS
digital clock
bendix king radio and transponder

Last annual was done November 2017. This ship is due for a 100 hour inspection. Fuel bladders are not installed.

Interior and exterior are in poor condition.

Located in Sevierville, TN. Call Jimmy at 865-719-6478 or email at JimGMC@hotmail.com

2005 Clipper II

For sale is a February of 2005 R44 Clipper 2 with 1934 TT. This ship comes with a 7 hole instrument panel and has no damage history. The ship was refinished with an awesome matte black paint job that really sets this ship apart.

Included in the sale are:
Bladder tanks
Clipper ground handling wheels
Leather seats
Bubble windows x 4
Bose provisions for up front
Attitude indicator
GTX 328 digital transponder
KY196A Bendix/King radio
NAT audio controller
Fire extinguisher
Digital clock
Collective and Engine oil pressure Hobbs meters

Both interior and exterior are rated 7/10. Pop-out floats are labeled “INOP” due to expired testing. (just need to be popped and repacked)

In addition, the ship was refitted with:

2011 -7 MR blades- 1395 TTSN

2008 TR blades – 1200 TTSN


Ship is currently at Sevierville, TN and carries a fresh annual. (December 2017)

Engine and Air frame log books are available in digital format.

Contact Jimmy at 865-719-6478 or email JimGMC@hotmail.com

2016 R44 Raven 2, Garmin 500 Glass, AC

For sale is one of the most beautiful R44 Raven 2’s on the market today.

Overhauled in March 2016 by Sevier County Choppers, this Raven II with AC comes complete with a full IFR G500 glass cockpit.

This includes
GTN 635 touch screen navigation
GMA 350 audio panel
GTX 345 ADSB in/out transponder
Custom leather interior
New Paint
New headliners and carpet
Rubber floor mats
Vent visors
GPS bar ram mount
Helicopter Easy Wheels (the best aftermarket wheels!)
Airwolf oil separator
Bose provisions for both front seats
(headsets and tow cart are not included)

With only 190 hours since overhaul this ship still smells and looks new. The ship has no damage history and all AD/SB’s are current.

Last annual was completed November 2017.

Call Jimmy at 865-719-6478 or JimGMC@hotmail.com

2006 Beta 2 IFR Glass Cockpit

2006 R22 Beta2 Glass IFR trainer. 4400 hour over haul completed November 2014. This ship has 406 hours since 4400 hour overhaul. Overhaul was completed by Sevier County Choppers (US's largest Robinson Repair Station). Fresh paint and new tan leather interior installed at over haul. This aircraft comes with Garmin 430W GPS/radio, KT76C Digital Transponder and a PS Engineering PMA 8000B along with dual tanks and a fire extinguisher. All AD’s and SB’s complied with as well, to include the fuel bladder tanks.

N3104U is currently located in Florida. Call Jimmy at 865-719-6478 or email JimGMC@hotmail.com to schedule a demo flight or pre-purchase inspection. This ship is ready to fly to your hanger today!

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